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Hi there, this Nimi Popat and I am citizen of Nagpur, India. I am a blogger by profession. Currently I have about 7 websites going on smoothly. I believe in Living Life to its fullest and simply spreading Happiness and Helping everyone in any way I can. When I am not blogging, I love to read, cook, dance, hangout with my friends and family and but obvious Shopping…

I am obsessed about taking care of myself and basically I am a Hair Care Freak. I have been victim of all or at least most of the hair problems and have tried finding the solution with various kinds of experiments like trying different home remedies, using various products, incorporating various things in my diet. And as a result I sometime ended up with the best possible solution whereas sometime I ended up in a bigger mess. (Sounds Familiar, Right?)

I have few Websites where I share Home Remedies and Beauty Tips and the most common mistakes that you make which ruins your hair, skin and overall health. I used to receive a lot of emails regarding hair care problems and that’s when I thought to create a full-fledged website dedicated to hair care. That’s how Hair Care Square was born. Of all my websites, HCS is the one most closer to my heart because I mostly write through my experiences with which anyone can easily relate to.

If you are a hair care freak or are simply obsessed with your hair then HCS is for YOU… If you any doubts or queries regarding hair care or have any honest review of any product or simply wanna drop by and say hello just contact me via contact form, email or any of my social ids.

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Hope HCS helps you to achieve that beautiful hair that you always wished. Take Care!!!