I Haven’t Disappeared… Need Your Prayers… Slowly Getting Back to Blogging!

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Hey guys,

Missed me? I have missed you guys a lot!

How are you doing? What’s new with you these days?

Thank you so much for filling my inbox with so many caring emails and messages. So many of you actually mailed me wondering whether I am okay? It means the world to me. One of the motivation to get me back up on my feet. Got a couple of hate emails too because I wasn’t replying. I apologize. I am really sorry!

I haven’t disappeared. Just had the worst month of my life. I will try to share in short what the hell happened. Had an emergency eye surgery. After the surgery, doctors recommended me to not to use anything that gets strain in my eyes. Within a week after surgery, my eyes caught infection (which is actually just 0.4% chances of happening and I am one of the odd sad statistic!) So I almost lost my vision ;(

The infection is finally gone but it left white spots on my cornea which has left my vision blurry. Doctors tried to save it but since I had the surgery recently, there is nothing much they can do except to wait and let the time run its course. So everything is still blurry for me but things might be like this for even six months. There is no specific time when will I get my vision completely back.

Another worse part is this surgery, heavy medication and this dark phase is that it has taken a big toll on my hair and my skin. I had to get up and start doing something. So, instead of sitting in a dark room, I finally put on my anti-glare glasses and slowly trying to get back to work.

If you are my beloved reader who was worried about my well being, then I am really grateful for all the love and warmth. I am slowly getting back to work guys. If you had shared your hair or skin related query and haven’t heard back, I am really sorry. I genuinely couldn’t. I really am sorry.

I am still struggling to get my vision back and need your support to Slowly Get Back to Blogging!

I am looking for writers and guest bloggers, if you are interested please read more about it here.

Just keep me in your prayers guys, I really need it.

Love you all!

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Have a lovely day!

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Nimisha Popat

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