Azendea Dual Purpose Natural Hair and Facial Serum Review!!!

azendea dual purpose hair and facial serum review

Hey Guys, I recently discovered a really different serum, a serum that works for both hairs as well as your face. Sounds really unique and interesting right???? I am always looking for products that are completely natural. So when I… Continue Reading

Zero Skin Coffee Body Scrub With Coconut Oil, Vitamin E & Himalayan Rock Salt Review!!!

zero skin coffee body scrub for cellulite review

Hey Guys, You might have known about the benefits of coffee scrubs. I have always wanted to write about coffee body scrub but was waiting to get my hands on the right brand’s coffee body scrub to recommend. ¬†While researching… Continue Reading

Omved Deep Facial Cleanser Review – Beauty Product of the Week

Hi guys, Welcome to the brand new series that I started #BeautyProductOfTheWeek which will be featured on Wednesdays. I know you guys must find it bit different considering I only write about hair care, why am I reviewing Beauty Products?… Continue Reading