Azendea Dual Purpose Natural Hair and Facial Serum Review!!!

azendea dual purpose hair and facial serum review

Hey Guys, I recently discovered a really different serum, a serum that works for both hairs as well as your face. Sounds really unique and interesting right???? I am always looking for products that are completely natural. So when I… Continue Reading

Essential Oil Power-5 Super Essential Oils for Hair !!!

essential oils for hair

Hey Guys, Tried essential oils for hair care yet??? When it comes to hair health, there is a lot you can do- following a healthy lifestyle, sticking to natural hair care products and just simply drinking more water- all of… Continue Reading

Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review & DIY Hair Detangling Spray Recipe!!!

Moksha Lifestyle Tea tree Essential oil Review

Hey Lovelies, How are you? Do you guys remember my Moksha Lifestyle’s Essential oils Haul post? In that post I showed you guys the set of 6 Amazingly useful essential oils that I had and promised to review them soon.… Continue Reading

Huge Essential Oils Haul by Moksha !!!

Hi Guys, How you doing ??? (Joey’s style ;-)) I was watching FRIENDS, hence still in my FRIENDS’s fan head. Raise your hands if you think FRIENDS is the awesome sitcom ever. Lets get back to our topic before I… Continue Reading