Azendea Dual Purpose Natural Hair and Facial Serum Review!!!

azendea dual purpose hair and facial serum review

Hey Guys, I recently discovered a really different serum, a serum that works for both hairs as well as your face. Sounds really unique and interesting right???? I am always looking for products that are completely natural. So when I… Continue Reading

Hair Growth Tips: How to Increase Hair Growth in a Week-Reader’s Query+My Solution!!!

Hair Growth Tips: How to Increase Hair Growth in a Week

Hey Guys, Looking for natural ways to increase hair growth??? Digging the internet for hair growth tips??? Natural Hair Growth Tips As you know from time to time, I solve your hair care problems in my reader’s query section. While… Continue Reading

How To Mix And Use Henna And Indigo For Gray Hair – DIY To Naturally Color & Condition Your Hair!!!

henna and indigo for gray hair

Hey Guys, How are you doing??? I know I write¬†a lot about covering your gray hair naturally. I have a Diy Hair Oil to cover Gray Hair, a DIY hair mask to have red tints to your hair and condition… Continue Reading