Junaili Apricot Face Scrub Review-Himalayan Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Scrub!

junaili apricot face scrub review

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Do you remember couple months back I started a series called “My Favorites” where I used to share the products that actually created a great impression and made it to the top of my list. After such a long time,  I finally found a super awesome product that actually is super amazing. Its an apricot scrub by Junaili.

About the Brand

Junaili Apricot Face Scrub is made by cold pressing apricot kernels and essential oils at 7000 ft in Himalayas. They make their products,i.e the facial scrub and face oil in small batches completely chemical free and 100% pure.

Junaili Apricot Face Scrub Review

If you guys know me I have an obsession when it comes to scrubs. I have all sorts of scrubs with me plus I occasionally make homemade scrubs too. Hence, when I got chance to try this one out, I was super stoked.


junaili apricot face scrub review

The scrub comes in a small plastic jar with metallic cap. The packaging is quite simple and elegant. The scrub is in powdered form with very tiny particles that help in exfoliation. Each time you need to take some of the scrub out, mix it with water or milk, and use it on the desired areas.

Ingredients: Cold-Pressed Apricot Kernel Scrub & Geranium Leaf Essential Oil.

How to use???

It says on the packaging, “For best results, combine scrub with Water or Milk. Suitable for all skin types.” But as you know at HCS we do things differently. Instead of just milk, I added bit of honey and milk and it gave me the best results. It works as great body scrub too.

My Experience with Junaili Scrub

junaili apricot face scrub review

junaili apricot face scrub review

The first time I opened this baby up, it smelled like nuts(not crazy ones just had a nutty smell 😉 ).  The smell is really mild and does not bother. After I mixed it with milk and honey, it actually was really gentle on my skin. You know how other scrubs are bit harsh on your skin and while exfoliating the skin it somehow strips off your face’s natural moisture leaving it dry??? With Junaili I didn’t had that kind of problem. In fact instead of drying it out, it was so mild and gentle, my skin looked quite great and pretty.

My only complaint is that it does not remove the extremely stubborn blackheads though. This is actually my problem with all the scrubs. I have really really stubborn blackheads. But since this one was gentle, I used this scrub daily for a week and my blackheads were gone. Now I just use it twice a week and I am quite happy with the results that I get.

Price of Junaili Apricot Scrub

The Face scrub costs Rs. 330 for 75 gms and has a shelf life of 24 months.


  • Cold pressed
  • Contains essential oils
  • Chemical free
  • Gentle on skin
  • Can be used daily
  • Works as body scrub too.


  • Does not remove extremely stubborn blackheads in one go
  • Not easily available in local stores.

Where to buy Junaili Scrub Online

As I mentioned above, this scrub is not yet available in local stores but you can easily get it from Junaili’s official online store.

Yay or Nay?

Absolutely Yay. I love this product. Do give it a try, you will love it too.

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*PR Sample but the review is 100% honest and I really hope it helps you in some way:)

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