Write For Me

Hey There,

I can’t even begin to Thank You for your interest in being a part of my HCS Family. I feel together we all can make this blog a much cooler place to hangout and find solutions on hair problems.

Yesterday me and my friends were having coffee at CCD and we started discussing about hair care. There I realized everyone has really different hair care stories to tell. That’s when it hit me that I should definitely give my readers too the chance of their voices being heard. That is why I am inviting all you lovely people to share your hair care stories. If you are someone who is into hair care and are passionate about writing then you are needed here!




This is of course a paid opportunity!!!

Writing Guidelines

I don’t have many Rules when it comes to writing for HCS just a few simple ones. I Promise.

Be Unique and Original – The content should be original and you shouldn’t be copying even a single line from anywhere else. Being Original is most important.

Click Good And Clear Images – The images should be clear and must be taken in good light. No Flash or Blurry Images Please. And Once you submit the images becomes the property of HCS and we have the entire rights for editing the images and article. If you are writing a Do-It-Yourself Post please click step by step pictures of you making it.

For Product Reviews – Please don’t review the product that you have reviewed somewhere else. Please click necessary pictures like product’s image, ingredients. MRP, expiration date, Swatch and others that you find necessary.

Topics to write

All your unique articles on the following will be accepted*

  • Hair care product reviews
  • Diy Hair care recipes
  • Your personal hair journey

Word Count and Images

Your article should contain at least 500-600 words. The more, the merrier.


Every post you contribute will be published under your name as the AUTHOR plus a link back to your blog(if you have one)!!! But you need to keep in mind that your articles should be free from grammatical and spelling errors. Also no sms language or short forms please. You need to focus on writing an honest content and me and my team will take care of the editing part.

What to do Next

If you are on board with the terms and conditions,  just mail me([email protected]) your article (in word file) along with at least 3 photos (attached separately and not inserted in word file). If it fits HCS’s guideline, I will publish the post and welcome you on board.


  • After submitting articles please be patient for me to get back to you.
  • HCS has full copyrights of the published content.
  • HCS has full rights to reject the articles.

If you are okay with terms and conditions then Welcome Aboard MY Friend. Lets make a great team together!